Company Overview

Corporate Contractors, Inc. (CCI) is a leading general contracting firm focused on a special goal: to make every project we undertake an example of inspired design realized by purposeful construction that reflects a sensibility to our clients’ visions of construction.

Headquartered in southern Wisconsin, our corporate values and Midwestern work ethic reflect our geographic origin. With decades of experience on a broad range of projects, our talented workforce has honed their skills to an exceptional level. Their work is not only infused with a personal commitment to our core values but a twenty-first century awareness of environmental needs as well.

Over the course of over three decades CCI has completed thousands of construction projects locally and across the nation – from designing industrial sites and building new community assets to preserving cherished landmarks and renovating historic commercial buildings. In addition, CCI’s 60+ acre limestone quarry can supply aggregate for all types of roadway and construction needs. Thus, whatever the project, our diversity of services, products and practice across a broad range of industries, allow us to ensure every client a successful outcome.

CCI Mission and Values

Our mission as a highly regarded general contracting firm is to realize and exceed the expectations of our customers while encouraging teamwork, leadership, and growth among all associates. Continually motivated by our values and goals, CCI is committed to provide our customers with trustworthy, safety conscious service while consistently delivering high value.

We consider trust the cornerstone of our company.

No company can succeed without earning the trust of its clients, its employees, the vendors it works with and the community at large. But trust is only possible if integrity is part of everything you do every day. So at CCI honesty is more than just a “policy.” It’s our way of life.

We recognize that great work is founded on great relationships.

Success in the construction industry depends on developing mutually beneficial long-term relationships with all levels of stakeholders: customers, associates, owners, sub-contractors, suppliers and the larger community. The strength of these relationships is proven not only by repeat business, but the fact that our customers frequently recommend CCI to others.

We know exceptional performance demands a personal commitment to excellence.

Good construction – whether it’s a newly-designed factory being built from the ground up or the renovation of a century’s old structure – takes an unwavering and constant dedication to the work. At CCI each team member regards doing their best as an unbreakable promise. To our customers. To our company. And to future generations.

Company Summary
Corporate Contractors, Inc.
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